Neville Brothers, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Hollywood Bowl Wednesday 8/18/10

I’m a lucky lady. I have a fantastic Wednesday night summer 2010 routine.
6:00pm – Beansie leaves work and packs the car with fresh tomatoes from the possum proof garden, wine, and other goodies.
6:30pm – Beansie picks up Home Fry and they leave the west side.
7:00pm – Beansie and Home Fry grab me in West Hollywood. I’m equipped with layers, and more wine and goodies.
7:15pm – We pick up Laners from her job with the gays.
7:30pm – Laners finally gets in the car. I’ve polished off half of the wine straight from the bottle due to some ex-lover coming up in conversation. We listen to Laners on the phone discussing with her co-workers whatever drama is going on in the office.
7:45pm – Laners can’t deal with the drama and we can’t deal with not talking so she gets off the phone.
7:50pm – We park in our special spot for the Hollywood Bowl (special to those not opposed to walking up hills).
7:59pm – Grab a $5 ticket to the show (Really?!?! How is the whole city not here?!?!)
8:00pm – Boogie Time

Last Wednesday we saw Buddy Guy and B.B. King (who offers his stand-up comedy in addition to his musical talents). They turned the house lights on B.B. King due to some curfew rule. We thought it was in poor taste. He’s a legend and he’s old, give the man some time to get off the stage. Apparently they turned the lights on Buddy Guy one time and he turned to his band and yelled, “Mustang Sally!! 1-2-3-4!” and proceeded to play the song in its entirety.

This time it was New Orleans night. Dirty Dozen had everyone dancing. We had a few rows to ourselves in section K2 (all the way stage right/house left). For the Pres Hall set, Home Fry and I went down to the front to visit our friend M’Kohl styling in the Garden Section 271. This was the best set to see up close as they had a fantastic dance number by the Trey McIntyre Project to go along with the music. Then we went back up to K for Nevilles. I have to say, Art looked better than I’d seen him in years. Granted, I was in section K, but I almost thought they had someone else sitting in on keys. Aaron actually shed a tear during his ballad number; that, or he was sweating. (I totally picked up the term “number” from my parents and can’t stop using it.) It was a standard fabulous evening, including Laners thinking the boys behind us were cute, me going to talk to them and bring them to our row, and Laners then proceeding to ignore them. “They were dull up close,” she decided.

Let the records show that on Wednesday, August 18, 2010, I returned home to my apartment in West Hollywood during the night time hours… IN A TANK TOP! That’s right, my layers were still stashed in my purse. Balmy evenings in Los Angeles DO happen!

Laners, Jords, Home Fry, and Beansie at the Bowl.


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